Who We Are

Key Organizers:

Sheila Aminmadani
Alex Campbell
Neshani Jani
Rena Jensen
Alexandra Kelly

Advisory Members

Hilary Goldstein, Media Educator
Jennifer Nedbalsky, Human Rights Watch International Film Festival
Carlos Pareja, People's Production House
Josue Guillen, May First/People Link
Arun Gupta, The Indypendent (NYC Independent Media Center)

The NYC Grassroots Media Coalition (NYCGMC)

A growing alliance of media makers, artists, activists, independent media organizations and community based organizations who are interested in building a coalition that reflects the diverse movements and communities that represent NYC.

Our Organizational Structure:

The NYC Grassroots Media Coalition operates as a volunteer collective. Decisions are made based on the consensus model.

To build a powerful media justice movement in New York City, we must have the participation of diverse leadership and constituencies in regards to race, class, sexuality, ability, age and gender. Diversity remains a top priority in all our organizing efforts, non-discrimination is a central tenet of our organizing philosophy and we consistently re-evaluate our internal processes to ensure that we are not inadvertently supporting or carrying out discriminatory activities.

The NYCGMC is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas.

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