Curation as Lens of Activism: Interactive Tools & Media Approaches

Submitted by ListenUp on Fri, 02/15/2008 - 3:33pm
Short Description: 

This collaborative workshop will focus on the practice and processes of curating and exhibiting media in Youth/Community-Led Organizing. The interactive models of P.O.V.'s Youth Views Institute, Urban Visionaries and Listen Up! provide insights and tools for participants seeking to use produce and curate media as a point of engagement and mobilization in their community leadership.

Presenter One Name: 
Dameon Mills: Urban Visionaries Youth Film Festival Alumnus, Freelance Producer/Editor
Presenter One Info: 

Dameon is currently a film student at Long Island University and freelance producer and editor at LIUTV. He is very active in his community, having been part of the Young Leaders Junior Achievement program and served as Vice President of the “Grenada Coalition on the Rights of the Child.” He graduated from the Summer Arts Institute (Filmmaking) and Tribeca Film Institute during the summer of 2006. He also recently produced the award-winning short documentary called “Out of the Picture” at Reel Works Teen Filmmaking.

Founded in 1996 by a small collective of youth media groups, the Urban Visionaries Film Festival (UVFF) has become New York City's only film festival produced, promoted and presented by youth. The mission of Urban Visionaries is to provide youth with a forum to raise and discuss social, economic, cultural and political issues through the exhibition of youth-produced media.

Presenter Two Name: 
Irene Villaseñor, Youth Views Manager, American Documentary | P.O.V.
Presenter Two Info: 

At AmDoc Irene collaborates with young people to curate and organize
events around the Youth Views Library, a selection of non-fiction
films from P.O.V.'s archive that address important issues that impact
young people and their allies across the nation. She is a graduate of
Educational Video Center’s HS Documentary Workshop and YO- TV programs.

P.O.V.'s Youth Views is a peer-led initiative, offering new models for working with youth and the media to encourage civic engagement that can be replicated by youth-serving and issue-based organizations across the country. Begun as a pilot project in 2000, Youth Views works with youth-run and youth-serving organizations, with a particular emphasis on groups working on behalf of communities of color and marginalized communities.

Presenter Three Name: 
Matt Griffin: Network Coordinator, Listen Up!
Presenter Three Info: 

Prior to serving as Network Coordinator for Listen Up!, Matt worked as
a freelance writer, editor, and producer in a range of media arts
fields from narrative / doc films to artist films / gallery
installation art. In 2005, he worked as a producer, cinematographer,
editor, and sound designer for Kara Walker's silhouette film "8
Possible Beginnings". He also produced a number of short narrative
films (SUNSET TOWN, FAULT, ROCKAWAY, and GRANDS) that have had
screened at a number of festivals worldwide. When not working to keep
the Listen Up! network of organizations and communities together and
productive, Matt is writing a thesis collection for a Writing MFA
(Fiction concentration) at Columbia University School of the Arts.

Listen Up! is a youth media network of over 130 member organizations across the world. Since 1998, Listen Up! has been helping young producers through media arts centers, high schools, community based organizations and after school programs create videos about their lives and communities, with their very own perspective.