Media Essentials 101

Submitted by cojo63 on Fri, 02/01/2008 - 5:52pm
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MediaEssentials is our core training, designed to give you a thorough introduction to the skills you need to effectively work with the media. Our media strategist works through the most basic media skills, including developing a media message, writing effective press releases & introductory letters, and learning the on how reporters and the media operate. In the second part of the training, we'll focus on interview skills, preparing you for the toughest questions. You'll learn to create an effective sound bite and to avoid some of the most common interview mistakes.

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Ben Fractenberg
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Ben joined GLAAD in 2006 as a Media Associate. He was recently promoted to Media Field Strategist – Southern Region. He works with national, statewide and local LGBT organizations to help plan and coordinate media and communications work. Ben has close to ten years experience working as an organizer and media professional.