“Alternative Voices on the Internet: Managing the News Online”

Submitted by MRM on Wed, 01/30/2008 - 9:18pm
Short Description: 

Suffering from information overload? The increasing ability of radicals and progressives to “be the media” has meant a rising up of marginalized voices, particularly on the Internet. Come explore approaches to using the Internet to monitor, share, and manage all this information. This presentation will demonstrate how so-called “Web 2.0” tools like Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and news aggregators can help you get organized online and be a more effective independent journalist or community activist. Add to your Internet toolkit to help get your work done! Librarian volunteers from the collective Radical Reference (www.radicalreference.info) will give the basics of RSS and news readers and discuss how these kinds of tools can contribute to the media justice movement.

Presenter One Name: 
Melissa Morrone
Presenter One Info: 

Melissa Morrone (Radical Reference) – Melissa Morrone has been a member of Radical Reference since its inception a month before the 2004 RNC. She is a public librarian in Brooklyn and is also active with Books Through Bars-NYC.

Presenter Two Name: 
Alycia Sellie
Presenter Two Info: 

Alycia Sellie (Radical Reference) - Alycia Sellie has been interested in independent media and alternative materials in libraries since founding the Madison Zine Fest in 2004. Now a member of the NYC Radical Reference Collective, Alycia is also an art librarian in Brooklyn, NY.