Media Justice Through Participatory Media Making: Indypendent Reporting Workshop

Submitted by ChrisA on Sun, 01/27/2008 - 10:47pm
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The explosion of media DIY has not led to either media justice or to an increase in quality online journalism. Only 34 percent of bloggers identify themselves as engaging in journalistic practices. More than a third of bloggers cited writing about “my life and experiences” as the reason for blogging. The upshot of all this is that producing journalism online is something that has to be both encouraged and taught — despite the fact that it is still fairly easy to do. This workshop will be a modified and shortened version of the Indypendent’s daylong reporting workshop which we have given numerous times, and will include topics like: what journalism is; parts of a news story; lede writing; the craft of journalism; journalistic values, and others. The workshop will be highly interactive, and feature brief lectures, group and individual exercises, and discussions of students work as a full group.

Presenter One Name: 
Chris Anderson
Presenter One Info: 

Chris is a Phd student and instructor at Columbia University where he studies online journalism.

Presenter Two Name: 
Erin Thompson
Presenter Two Info: 

Erin Thompson is the sole paid staffer with Indykids and a paid coordinator with the Indypendent. As the staff outreach coordinator for Indykids, she is developing a curriculum for journalism workshops targeting kids at public elementary and middle schools. This curriculum is based on her experience facilitating journalism workshops for adults through the New York City Independent Media Center.

Presenter Three Name: 
Jessica Lee
Presenter Three Info: 

Jessica Lee has been a full-time coordinator with The Indypendent since January 2007. She assists with story development, editing, production, distribution and outreach. She has helped lead basic reporting workshops in New York and Arizona and at the San Diego Media EmergenC Conference and the U.S. Indymedia gathering in Austin, TX.