Handala takes aim: Textile design for social justice

Submitted by digitaldevah on Sat, 01/26/2008 - 7:09pm
Short Description: 

Handal takes aim: Who defines your issues? Arab Women Active in the Arts and Media; AWAAM initiated a public discourse to reclaim the term “Intifada.” learn how to use textile stenciling as a tool to promote a social justice campaign. Bring your own t-shirt (or whatever) to print on. For more information about Arab Women Active in the Arts and Media and the “i word” campaign go to awaam.org

Presenter One Name: 
Laimah Osman
Presenter One Info: 

Laimah Osman is a multi-media artivist (artist + activist) living in Brooklyn. Her visual media work includes web, printmaking, drawing and collage. She runs AWAAM's design mentorship and serves on the organization's board. Currently, she is working with Sisterfire NYC (a local branch of INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence) and Azad (liberation) Design.

Presenter Two Name: 
Hanan Tabbara
Presenter Two Info: 

Hanan Tabbara is a Political Science major at Hunter College and a photographic documentarian. Currently she is the Program Organizer for AWAAM, Arab Women Active in the Arts and Media. She has also been engaged as a public speaker, explaining the condition of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Presenter Three Name: 
Devorah Hill
Presenter Three Info: 

The administrator for MNN’s NLE Lab, Devorah Hill has several decades of experience instructing the public on the effective use of both visual and electronic media as a tool for advocacy and community development.