Educators Strategy Session: Connections Between Media Justice and Visual Literacy

Submitted by killerfemme on Tue, 01/22/2008 - 6:14pm
Short Description: 

Is there a difference between teaching young people to think critically about media or fine art? While many of the teaching methods and goals are similar, teaching media literacy is often looked at as an activist pursuit, while teaching about the arts is often viewed as an endeavor separate from activism. What are the connections and differences between the two fields? What can educators engaging young people in the struggle for media justice and community media and those working with the visual arts learn from each other? This workshop provides an opportunity for educators, media makers and artists to work together to make connections and share strategies for teaching about media literacy, visual literacy, and the arts. This session aims to enhance the pedagogical styles educators use when training young people to think critically about visual culture they consume and create, no matter what the medium.

Presenter One Name: 
Eleanor Whitney, Academic Programs Coordinator, Brooklyn Museum
Presenter One Info: 

Educator, writer, activist and artist living in Brooklyn. In addition to being the Academic Programs Coordinator at the Brooklyn Museum she has written and edited zines for ten years and is a Co-Editor of, an online, queer, feminist art journal.

Presenter Two Name: 
Monica Mariño Senior Museum Educator, Brooklyn Museum
Presenter Two Info: 

Monica is an educator at the Brooklyn Museum. Prior to working at the Brooklyn Museum Monica was a New York City Teaching Fellow in Spanish Harlem. In addition, Monica rides her bike to Fairway in Brooklyn and runs marathons.

Presenter Three Name: 
Irene Villaseñor, Youth Views Manager, American Documentary | P.O.V.
Presenter Three Info: 

Youth Views provides P.O.V. films, educational resources and training to youth and educators interested in using independent media as a tool for social change. Irene is a graduate of Educational Video Center’s High School Documentary Workshop and Youth Organizers’ Television. She can be reached at

Presenter Four Name: 
Eliza Licht, Director of Community Engagement and Education, American Documentary | P.O.V
Presenter Four Info: 

Eliza works with public television stations, educators and community-based organizations to present community screenings of P.O.V. films and to develop and distribute accompanying educational resource materials to teachers nationwide. Before joining P.O.V. in 2000, she taught English in Spain and Mexico. Eliza is a graduate of Barnard College.

Presenting organization: 
Brooklyn Museum, Youth Views and POV