The Art of Struggle :Hip Hop and Freedom

Submitted by spiritchild on Tue, 01/22/2008 - 3:02pm
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What is and has been the role of the arts (hip hop) in today’s struggle for peace and justice? Our artists will share personal creations, spark dialogue, explore music and media as effective tools for working towards social change. We ask students, community members, artist and activist how they can create artwork that examines the issues of institutionalized racism and poverty from a new perspective? The participants will gain valuable insights into how to turn their expressions into effective
mobilizing strategies and raise awareness in their community.

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Spiritchild Rhythmic Poet of Mental Notes. Leader of The Hip Hop Jam Band Mental Notes (the universal hip hop evolution). Co-founder & Chair of Movement In Motion Artist & Activist Collective. Creative Consultant for Eyes Infinite Films ( Hip Hop Instructor/Mentor for Freedom Academic Movement at Thurgood Marshall Academy and Bronx School for Social Justice and Community.

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Jessica Habie
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Jessica is founder of EyesInfinite Films and President of EyesInfinite Foundation. Her first documentary feature “Another World is Happening” documented artistic involvement at the Third Social Forum. Her feature film, “The Art of Love and Struggle” was released in March 2006. She is currently in post production the Art and Apathy Documentary Project.