The Power of Montage

Submitted by globalaction on Thu, 01/17/2008 - 2:37pm
Short Description: 

The Power of Montage looks at the power of montage historically and its potential usage to advance our social justice goals.

This workshop will introduce the concept of montage and the idea that one way in which meaning is produced in cinema is through the juxtaposition of one image against another, and by image against sound. We will look at the historical context of Soviet Cinema in which filmakers (Kuleshev, Eisentein, etc.) developed montage and then we'll create our own montage.

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Global Action Project
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Kristine Rae Volpone is an 18 year-old youth producer from Global Action Project. Kristine is a senior at James Baldwin High School and has been part of G.A.P. since September 2007. She wants to project her voice and move people to create change in the world through her media.

Presenter Two Info: 

Fernando Martinez has also been with G.A.P since September 2007. He’s a junior at City-As-School. In his free time, Fernando loves to listen and write music and watch movies. In the future, Fernando would like to produce short films that explore human interactions and the issue of respect (or the lack there of) that people have for each other.