Our Mission

The goals of the NYCGMC are to strengthen and connect the networks of local grassroots media makers with social justice organizations to better serve the communities of New York City.

The coalition works to build the capacity of diverse communities to communicate, collaborate and strategize ways to increase awareness and participation in independent media and social justice movements. We provide a networking space for organizations, artists and activists to educate and inspire each other through dialogue, trainings and direct action.

The Need

There are hundreds of media and activist groups who work to enhance the free expression of underrepresented communities in New York City. Many of these groups work in isolation, due to lack of common space or well-established advocacy networks. As mainstream media consolidates further, a democratic media where every citizen can be heard, is pushed to a peripheral position in the New York City media landscape.

While there has been a marked increase in public media participation, too many community groups with important campaigns still do not have access to collaborative media spaces where their issues can reach a wider public and affect policy.

As New York City provides a large scale stage for political, cultural and social events, it is vital that local independent media organizations unite resources, educating each other and the greater public as they provide alternative news and facilitate community dialogue. There is an urgent community need for more spaces where media-makers and activists can share skills, network and reach larger audiences while maximizing limited resources.