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This page is designed to point you towards the many resources that our network holds to get you the skills you need. We hope you'll share yours! 

How to run a press campaign for your organization

Fundraise For Your Alternative Media Project

  • Read the step by step guide from Philadelphia's Prometheus Radio Project on running a fundraising campaign for your local radio station.
  • Take a quick (and free) online course in how to write grant proposals from the The Foundation Center.

Start Your Own Radio Station

  • Prometheus Radio Project shows you the first steps, getting you on your way to your own Low Power FM station. Click here to learn more.

Video Production

  • Want to make sure you make the most effective campaign tool possible? Check out xxxx to help you define what your audience is.
  • If you can say it in 30 seconds or less, a Public Service Announcement might be right for you. Check out MNN's curriculum to learn the basics of making a good PSA.
  • Download a free copy of "Video for Change: A Guide for Advocacy and Activism." Based on the work of WITNESS and other leading video advocates worldwide, this book is a must-read for human rights, environmental, and social justice organizations wanting to use video in their work.
  • Learn some basic tips from xxx on how to use and operate a video camera to get footage you can use for your campaign.
  • Haz cliq aqui para "Tips & Techniques" en Español.

Distribute Your Own Video

  • A step by step lesson from the good folks at Mediarights.org.
  • Not sure what to do with your video after it's done? Visit our "Distribution Outlets" page for a list of public access stations, local film and video festivals and where to find national distribution opportunities.

Media Activism

Media Ownership

  • Find out who owns the media in your community by visiting the Media Tracker created by the Center for Public Integrity.
  • Hear Us Now.org is a web site that breaks down the complicated media ownership and reform bills and let's us know what those legislators and media companies are really trying to do.